Medicine for the Internal Bodily Systems

Organs and Energetic Pathways

Unique Proven Clinical Protocol to eliminate signs and symptoms by constantly targeting the Root Causes of Health concerns for the Digestive, Circulatory, Respiratory, Muscular, Endocrine and Immune Systems.


Shoulder or Elbow Pain inexplicable by physical overstraining or injury?

The Root Cause could be the irritation of the lower extremity of the colon and the pain in the shoulder, along the arm, the elbow, the forearm, the index finger or on the side of the leg is sometimes the symptom and the accompanying manifestation of hemorrhoids which rarely have external and noticeable manifestations.

Hard time emptying the bowels?  Constant irritation of the colon?  Rectal pain?  Bleeding from the lower extremity of the digestive tube?

The Root Cause might be an injury or overstrain along the energetic pathway of the large intestine: along the index finger, the arm, the forearm, most often the elbow, the shoulder or even the side of the leg.

Our Clinical Protocol addresses primarily the Root Cause, which  combined with secondary focus on the symptom greatly accelerates the reduction of the irritation of the internal organ and eases the pain symptom on the organ itself and along the energetic pathways of the organ.

High Blood Pressure?

The Root Cause might be due to an inability of the urinary system to control the pressure of one of the fluids in the body - including the tears.

Yet the common practice is to address the circulatory system!

The result of addressing the right system improperly or treating the wrong system altogether is to weaken the respective system or main organ and to extend and to make the recovery process more difficult and more unpleasant.