Pain Management and Prevention

Pain is a tiring experience.

Any pain is an alert signal and a reason for concern and should be motivation for seeking professional advice to identify the root causes and risk factors - the SOONER, the BETTER.

Addressing acute pain by natural means to prevent inflammation is an acceptable practice.  Chronic pain though can be debilitating and addressed alone as a symptom by means of pain blockers is essentially masking the cause which is most often disregarded and results in the aggravation of the health conditions.

Unchecked Health Concerns are risk factors which can generate Health Issues.  Unattended Health Issues can cause Health Problems which most often require lengthier and less comfortable Health Treatments.

The duration of Healing - defined as Health Recovery - the suffering and the clinical intervention are directly proportional with the Health Quality.

The Role of Pain as alert signal is basically to indicate that a certain area needs attention.  The Cause of Pain can be addressed only by knowing that a certain area needs attention.  As a tool, Pain provides Knowledge that Empowers.  Yet most often the choice is to suppress pain or block it altogether and loose sight of the Health Condition, forgetting that "out of sight is out of mind".

The Core of OMNI Medical Prevention Protocol is three fold: