Our expertise and commitment at work

Always for the benefit of our clients and patients

OMNI Standard Clinical Protocol

  • Examination Sign and Symptoms

  • Assessment of Health Status

  • Evaluation of Health Condition

  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, risks and dangers

  • Differential diagnostic

  • Course of action and treatment plan

  • Dosage, administration and guidelines

  • Monitoring

  • Follow-up

The Benefits

Exclusive use of natural remedies to enhance the body's auto-regulating and self-healing abilities.

Overall assessment of energy strength for early detection of health risks and prevention of health concerns.

Shorter, more efficient and comfortable treatments of Health Concerns yielding exceptional results:

Stronger metabolism and immunity.

Higher mental and physical energy.

Relief of stress and/or emotional trauma.

Enhanced cardio-vascular activity.

Increased resistance to harmful environmental factors.