Youth Maintenance
Skin is an internal condition.
Hair is an internal condition.
Body weight is an internal condition. 

Half measures yield half results: addressing Skin Health, Hair Health or Body Weight Health superficially is a poor measure and inevitably yields mediocre results.

Discover the benefits and the advantages of OMNI Medical Facial Rejuvenation by Natural Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Why Cosmetic Acupuncture is the ultimate facial rejuvenation therapeutic method?

Funded on the principles of Evidence Based Natural Medicine and adapted to modern medical protocols and clinical procedures it is the paramount anti-aging therapy appropriate for any age, starting in puberty as a improvement measure for certain dermatological conditions and as a preventive or corrective measure starting in the 40’s.

Skin is in relationship with the Respiratory System and it is viewed as the 3rd lung in the traditional perception.

Hair is in relationship with the uro-genital system in general and it is perceived as the extension of the blood and the reflection of the efficacy of the kidneys function.

Body weight depends on the quantity and the quality of nutrients, physical activity, the ability to extract and store energy and to produce body fluids. 

It takes discipline to reacquire Healthy habits; hence the preferred approach is prevention.